Media performance is declining, agency performance is questionable, and costs continue to rise. Regrettably, an all too familiar scenario that puts your marketing team in a difficult position. Finance wants answers…it’s the mid-year and budgets have to be re-affirmed. There’s no quick fix but there is a way to drive improvements without having to start all over again.

We are strong believers in the value of regular performance reviews that allow for quick adjustments to be made that will have an impact within the current fiscal year. Finance is happy because they see the oversight and controls you have in place, and you are happier because your marketing is performing more effectively.

Take a look at our performance review methodology. It always starts with a pre-audit!

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Every budget is different, as individual as the marketing strategy that drives it. And yet, most budgets are designed for the 10,000-metre run, not the short sprints that are now necessary in this customer-empowered digital world.

Trying to change allocations and program plans part of the way through the year can be difficult if not impossible and you can end up ‘robbing Peter, to pay Paul’. That’s not an effective use of your efforts, your team's time, or your budget.

Short-term responsiveness

Identifying quick solution measures that will address changes in the way you and the marketing supply chain prioritize work and spend.

Longer-term durability

A ground-up planning approach to the annual budget planning process that takes into account the troughs and peaks of the forthcoming year, and empowers your team to meet the challenge of pivoting to meet new challenges during the marketing year.



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